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Nashville, TN


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Nashville Recording Artist Alex Schofield has been writing and performing since 2016, and solidified his place in the industry with a 28-state cross-country solo van tour. Alex has since opened up for Travis Tritt, Chris Cagle, and Drake White, received recognition from CMA award-winning songwriter Dennis Morgan, and signed his first publishing deal with Morgan Music Group (Dennis Morgan) in 2022. He has also been featured on Spotify's Fresh finds Playlist, with a reach to the tune of more than 50,000 listeners. For the last two years, Alex has hosted a hometown show, drawing more than 600 of his most loyal fans and more than two dozen sponsors. Alex Schofield delivers a hard-edged heartland sound mixed with soulful and poignant storytelling. Bolstered by a no-nonsense upbringing and blue collar Midwestern roots he resonates with many and is a memorable act on any main stage.

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